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05 February MCDSA Board Meeting

Next MCDSA Board Meeting is at 1000 on Saturday 05 February 2022

If any MCDSA Members would like to propose an amendment to the Association’s Constitution and/or By-laws for it to be put under consideration and discussion during the 05 February 2022 Board of Governors meeting, please email your suggestion(s) along with the rationale for the suggested amendment(s) to any of the below-listed email addresses by 15 January 2022 and your proposal(s) will be duly considered.

b12daniel@aol.com (Danny Burke)

hdharrison@sbcglobal.net (Harry Harrison)

dlheuman1@mac.com (Donald Heuman)

mikemit47@aol.com (Mike Mitchell)

smokinjrm@aol.com (Joe Moreno)

ncocasio@msn.com (Nelson Ocasio)

william_skiles@aol.com (Bill Skiles)