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CWO-3 Pietroforte

The Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association salutes CWO-3 Michael Pietroforte (Double-Distinguished: R-1953, P-1957).

CWO-3 Pietroforte was a founding Board Member of the MCDSA at its inception in 1977, and he recently passed away on 22 January 2022.  As a Technical Sergeant in 1958 he was the first to ever fire a possible in the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match. He was a highly respected member of the MCDSA Community — he will be greatly missed by many.

Note: The above image is copied from page 319 of “The Red Book” Volume I.


MCDSA 2022 Reunion – 19 March

Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association

2022 Reunion and Cookout

19 March 2022

Details on the 2022 Reunion have been e-mailed out to MCDSA Members. If you have not yet heard about the scheduled upcoming reunion, or, you did not receive the details which were sent out, please either use the form on this website and submit a request for that detailed information, or, reach out to MCDSA President Danny Burke at:


…we are looking forward to an outstanding get-together!