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MSgt. Randall V. BIMROSE, USMC Ret.
Veterans Day – 11 November 2023
248th Birthday – USMC
DSA Constitution & By-laws
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MCDSA Board Meeting

If any MCDSA Members would like to propose to the Board of Governors a possible agenda item for discussion during the meeting, please email your proposals to b12daniel@aol.com and your proposal(s) will be duly considered. Please note that it is most likely


May 2022 bring each of you many good blessings, peace and prosperity!

MCDSA Board Meeting

If any MCDSA Members would like to propose a potential amendment to the Association's Constitution and/or By-laws for it to be put under consideration and discussion during the 05 February 2022 Board of Governors meeting, please email your proposed amendment(s) along with

Board of Governors Meeting

A special meeting of the MCDSA's Board of Governors is being convened in the Conference Room at WTBn Quantico on 9 April 2022, and is scheduled to start at 1000.  Under discussion and review are proposed changes and updates to the Association's

Board of Governors Meeting

Details for our 2023 Reunion (which is currently slated to be held on 01 April 2023) will be discussed, after which 2023 Reunion specifics will be disseminated to MCDSA members via email.

BOG Meeting

At the site for Saturday's Reunion


Save the date for our 2023 Reunion/Cookout which is scheduled for Saturday 01 April 2023, and will be held from 1200 to 1700 at Randy Allen's house near Lake Anna. For details on location address, please refer to the email entitled "ROAD

Board of Governors Meeting

BOG meeting at Weapons Training Battalion, Quantico to review proposed amendments to the DSA's Constitution and By-laws.