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Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution Of the Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association 

Article I-Name

 The name of this association shall be “Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association.” This organization will operate as a non-profit organization.

Article II-Membership

 The following categories of membership are established, of which the first 250 will be chartered members.

a) Regular Membership Open to active duty Marines, retired Marines, former Marines and/or dependents who have been awarded Distinguished Badges.
b) Associate Membership Open to active duty Marines, retired Marines, and former Marines who served a minimum of one full summer shooting season in direct support of the United States Marine Corps Shooting Team.
c) Honorary Membership The Board of Governors, upon written recommendation from the membership may award honorary life membership status upon a person who by his position, office or being held in high esteem and has made a contribution to the Marine Corps marksmanship.

Article III-Objectives

 The objectives of the Association are to

a) Provide a means to further the camaraderie established among Marines who have distinguished themselves in the Marine Corps Competition-in-Arms Program.
b) Foster the preservation and promotion of Marine Corps Marksmanship and the Marine Corps Competition-in-Arms Program history.
c) Act as a vehicle by which distinguished Marine shooters can maintain contact with one another.
d) To hold an annual social gathering for the membership.

Article IV-Officers

The association’s officers will consist of a nine (9) member Board of Governors elected by a majority of the regular membership voting. Four members of the Board will be elected for a term of three (3) years and five (5) members for term of two (2) years. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected for three-year terms and the next five candidates will be elected for two-year terms. If at least one of the top nine candidates is not elected from the opposite coast of the United States as the remainder of the Board of Governors, the candidate with the highest number of votes from the opposite coast will become the ninth member of the Board of Governors regardless of the number of votes received. The dividing line between East and West coast will be the Mississippi River. The board will elect a President from within its membership who will preside over Board meetings and the regular meetings of the association. An Executive Secretary/Treasurer will be appointed by the Board from the Regular membership. The Secretary/Treasurer will not have a vote on the Board’s deliberations unless holding a dual position as a board member.

Article V-Duties of Officers

Board of Governors The board of Governors will govern the association activities using the majority rule when voting on its deliberations. Proxy voting is authorized. Proxies must be in writing and are limited to the board meeting at which they are presented. The Board will oversee the activities of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer.

President of the Board the President of the Board will preside over all Board meetings and regular meetings of the association. The President will appoint a three (3) member audit team from the regular membership to audit the Secretary/Treasurer account books annually. The President may appoint other committees as required.

Executive Secretary/Treasurer the Executive Secretary Treasurer will attend all meetings of the Board of Governors and the association and keep minutes of their proceedings. The minutes of all meetings will be provided to the Board of Governors within thirty (30) days of the adjournment of said meeting. The Executive Secretary/Treasurer will maintain the funds of the association and make disbursements as authorized by the Board of Governors within the bounds of the association Constitution and By-Laws.

Article VI-Meetings

 There shall be one meeting of the Distinguished Shooters Association each year.. The Board of Governors will meet by the call of the President. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Article VII-Amendments and By Laws

 Amendments to this constitution will be made by a two-thirds vote of regular members whose ballots are received. The proposed amendment(s) will be mailed to all members with a request for a reply within thirty (30) days. The Board of Governors will have the votes tabulated and the results will be announced in the next newsletter. A By Law will be adopted or repealed in the same manner as an amendment to the Association’s Constitution.

Article VIII-Dissolution

 In the event of the association disillusionment, all real property on hand will be sold and all funds from the sale and monies from all accounts will then be donated to the Marine Military Academy, Harlingen, Texas.

Bylaws Of the Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association

Section I – Membership Fees

 The initial membership fee will be $15.00. Subsequent annual fees will be determined by the Board of Governors and will be kept at the minimum to cover the association operating expenses. Life membership is offered to all members as follows: Age 17 to 49, $150.00, age 50 and up $100.00. Life membership can be made in payments, but must be paid in full within one calendar year. All general membership dues will be due on January 1st of the calendar year.

Section II – Disbursement of Funds

The Executive Secretary/Treasurer may expend association funds not to exceed $50.00 for association operation expenses. Disbursements over $50.00 and up to $100.00 require approval from the President of the Board of Governors. Disbursements over $100.00 require approval of a majority of the Board of Governors. No member of the Board of Governors or the Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall be reimbursed for services or travel.

Section III – Board of Governors Membership

 Members of the Board of Governors serve at the pleasure of the regular membership. A Board member may be removed from office by two-thirds vote of the regular membership at a regular meeting. The Executive Secretary/Treasurer may be removed from office by two-thirds vote of the Board of Governors.

Section IV– Newsletter

The Board of Governors will cause the Badge (Journal of the Marine Corps Distinguished Shooters Association) to be published annually and mailed to all members. Periodic newsletters may be published at the direction of the Board of Governors. The updated membership roster and the roster of Distinguished Marine Corps Shooters shall be made available to the membership on a bi-annual basis.