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MGySgt. Paul Blazejowski – Armorer

In the below-linked article (appropriately dated 10 November of this year) Eric R. Poole of Guns and Ammo lists the contributions made by and honors the memory of MGySgt. Paul Blazejowski who enlisted in 1944 and served in Korea “…in combat with the 5th Marines as a small-arms repairman (MOS 2111) along the frontlines.” Later, serving as a Match Armorer (MOS 2112) Blazejowski contributed significantly to the accomplishments of many competitive marksman (which included serving in support of two Olympics as the U.S. Team Armorer) in addition to which he also contributed his “…ideas toward the betterment of the National Match Program.”

MGySgt. Paul Blazejowski was every champion’s armorer. Turnbull honors his legacy.

by Eric R. Poole



The following quote is attributed to LtCol. McMillan…

 “You guys walk around here with medals on your chest, but if it wasn’t for these armorers, you wouldn’t have any.”


Winning Raffle Ticket Drawn, Winner Notified!

The winning raffle ticket (ticket #292) was drawn by the AOD at Weapons Training Battalion on 06 November 2021.  Four members of the Association’s Board of Governors were present when the winning ticket was drawn (President Danny Burke, Mike Mitchell, Treasurer Joe Moreno, and Nelson Ocasio).  The holder of the winning ticket was called and notified.

*****Many thanks to Alan Baker of Baker Precision Firearms in Arizona, and to all MCDSA Members who purchased raffle tickets!*****