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FY 2023 CIAP Kicks Off

Fiscal Year 2023 Competition-In-Arms Program (CIAP) for the Marine Corps kicks off this coming week, and will work its way across five regions over the course of the next five months ultimately culminating with the Marine Corps Championships to be held in the Spring of 2023.

The National Capital Region (NCR) is the first of those five regional competitions, all of which are coordinated and facilitated by the Marine Corps Shooting Team. The National Capital Region competition is scheduled 23 October – 04 November 2022, and will be hosted by WTBn, Quantico, with the Awards ceremony slated for 04 November 2022.

Each of the five regions is to receive ten training days over a two-week period. MARADMIN 441/22 describes the two-week training package as follows:

Week one: history of the CIAP, classroom instruction, firing positions, dry fire, zero establishment, instruction on advanced pistol and rifle positions, dynamic target engagement, and individual marksmanship practice.

Week two: individual competition with rifle and pistol, team competition, annual rifle and pistol qualification, and awards ceremony.

As outlined in the MARADMIN, the Marine Corps Marksmanship Competitions (MCMCs) enhance “…a Marine’s lethality on the battlefield via advanced marksmanship training and competition in support of the Commandant’s guidance to develop warriors with physical and mental toughness, tenacity, initiative, and aggressiveness to innovate, adapt, and win in a rapidly changing operating environment. The MCMC provides an opportunity to refine the fundamental skills that make a Marine lethal on the battlefield and able to deliver lethal force in a dynamic environment in accordance with the Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship Lethality Capabilities-Based Assessment.”

Look for updates in December, January, February and March as we track the CIAP dates for each of the following additional regions: Far East, Pacific, West, and East.