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Please regale us with your stories…

Please regale us with your stories…

We would love to have members contribute their recollections and stories for us all to enjoy reading in the upcoming edition of “the Badge” newsletter. Please contribute by sending your story to Danny at:

In hopes that the following will spark ideas for contributions, here is one for the books:

One summer’s day in 1979 at the rifle range in Quantico, a SNCO who was a member of the Summer Rifle Team walked over to the Armorer’s Van, wearing his “skunk coat” and carrying his M-14. Arriving at the back of the van, he looked up into the van and mischievously told the Match Armorer that he needed “…a trigger-finger adjustment!” The SNCO then proceeded to extend his trigger finger, stretching it straight and laying it flat on the van floor, all the while looking up at the Armorer who by then was walking over to a bench to retrieve his rawhide mallet. Now, the SNCO figured that the Armorer would swing the mallet, hitting just off to one side of the trigger finger, while the Armorer – who had bent over so as to get in a good swing with the rawhide mallet — figured that the shooter would quickly pull away the trigger finger at the last moment, but…

…I heard that there was blood splatter to clean up.