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DSA Constitution & By-laws

The DSA Governing Board is slated to meet next week on 26 August 2023.  The focus of the meeting will be to review proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws which have thus far been submitted by our membership, one of which is amending Article III of the Constitution so as to pointedly acknowledge and include those support personnel who are currently eligible to join the DSA.  The proposed changes would read as follows:

– a) (Amend to read) “Provide a means to further the camaraderie established among Marines who have distinguished themselves in the Marine Corps Competition-in-Arms program, as well as those Marines who have indefatigably supported the United States Marine Corps Shooting Team as Armorers and Ammunition Technicians.”

– c) (Amend to read) “Act as a vehicle by which Distinguished Marine Shooters and those dedicated Marines who supported the USMC Shooting Team as Armorers and Ammo Technicians can maintain continued contact with one another.”

The Board will also address the future requisite changes to our Membership Application so as to reflect Article III new wording if the above amendments are ultimately passed by the Distinguished Shooters Association Membership.

It takes 2/3 of the membership respondents to make changes to the Constitution.

The window of opportunity for submitting any additional suggestions to our Association President, Danny Burke, is fast closing. …The meeting of the Board of Governors is now only one week away!